PM Imran discusses different issues in meeting with Sri Lankan PM.
PM Imran arrives in Sri Lanka for two-day Source:

On Tuesday, PM Imran showed up in Sri Lanka on a two-day visit to the country on the greeting of the nation’s Prime Minister, Mahinda Rajapaksa.

PM held a two-sided, high-level gathering with Sri Lankan PM and his delegation at Temple Tree, PM House of Sri Lanka.

Two countries signed several MoUs

Both leaders talked about the issue related to mutual interests, and two-sided relations went under conversation. Furthermore, a few MoUs were signed between the two countries to place into effect the two-sided discussions that were had.
Sri Lankan PM thanked PM Imran

Sri Lankan PM said thanks to PM Imran Khan, the Government, and Pakistan’s individuals for staying loyal companions to Sri Lankan all through, especially in the difficult times.
Two leaders agreed to work together to broaden friendship

Moreover, during the conversation, the two nations’ two leaders agreed to improve their respective collaboration in the economic and various territories, including trade, investment, science, education, security, technology, culture, and tourism.

The two sides likewise communicated fulfillment at the close collaboration between the two nations at the multilateral meeting and made plans to develop strategic communication and coordination at all levels, additionally

Sri Lankan government canceled the event

Additionally, the Sri Lankan government, while dropping the occasion, had formally expressed that this was being done due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Although some sources and Sri Lankan media have said that PM Imran could talk about the circumstance in occupied Kashmir, it could also harm Colombo’s already relations with New Delhi.

Another guess is that the government is concerned that PM Imran, in his speech, could reference the situation of Sri Lankan Muslims, who have been confronting problems, abuses, and unfairness in the Buddhist-ruled country.

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