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All latest news and updates about the business, world affairs, politics, economy, entertainment and environment which is impacting the Karachi and people of Karachi directly and indirectly.

This is the first of its kind news portal based in Karachi which is started in 2015 and publish the interested sports news, halaat updates and Karachi situation and opinions of Karachiites.

Highlight the positive image of Karachi and its people where a diversity is the beauty of this city where many immigrants from all over Pakistan and the world resides and live happily and feel safe and secure and serve in the various sectors and contribute in the growth of this city.

From the big business man to a labor, from a politician to student, from Govt servant to a private corporate executive has a major role in the development of Karachi.

Our responsibility is to keep them updated and spread the positive energy among the people of Karachi.

For all latest news and updates about Karachi and all over world visit


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