SAPM , Fight against coronavirus it is still going on.
Careful observation held to battle the virus Source:

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister SAPM on Health Dr. Faisal Sultan was tending to a function in Islamabad where he said the battle against coronavirus was not finished at this point, adding that after confronting the second wave, there has conferred another danger of deadly virus variation.

He further cautioned against satisfaction in following coronavirus preventative measures and said the danger of virus variations remained, which the public authority was watching out for. He added I think we are watching out for those, and it will need continued careful observation and retooling of attempts to battle this to execution.

Vaccinations start from the first week of March

The SAPM said Pakistan was currently vaccinating its frontline medical services laborers. Soon, The Sindh govt would purchase 20 million doses of coronavirus vaccine from China for its adult population. The assistance of Covax’s collective effort, we will have the first part of vaccines by AstraZeneca. He said vaccinations for everybody would begin from the first week of March, starting with the older people and working our way down.

SAPM is not happy about the speed

He said we need to hurry up and wrap it up because the speed isn’t what I would happy about it. We have a few measures and thoughts to make it somewhat quicker, encouraging the individuals to convince and influence individuals in their social circles to get vaccinated as vaccines become accessible.

He noticed that the vaccination program was continuing great, supported by a reliable data system that considered vaccine organization documentation and documentation for vaccinated people as vaccine certificates. Those will be helpful in travel, business, and Haj, etc.

Pakistan is in 29th position in the Covid-19 test

Moreover, as Pakistan keeps on seeing a fall in coronavirus cases, a site has put the country in the 29th position in the rundown of 30 nations that have led the greatest number of tests per million population (PMP). Throughout the most recent year, overall, Pakistan has conducted 8.7 million tests.

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