Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority ease limitation in travel for the UK.
Pakistan in UK’s red list: Source:

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) eliminates the UK from the list of limited travel nations. It has taken out from classification C of the banned countries and add them in classification B. According to the notification, Pakistan added 22 nations, including South Africa, Colombia, Zimbabwe, and Ghana, in class C.

The UK imposed a ban on Pakistan:

The British government earlier forced a travel prohibition on Pakistan because of its developing number of Covid cases. After which, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority requested additional flights. The UK granted permission for 10 different trips to Pakistan.

Pakistan in red list:

The UK has chosen to add Pakistan to the red list of nations that will confront travel restrictions from April 9. Additionally, the Philippines, Kenya, and Bangladesh are on the list to secure their residents from the third wave of Covid.

The arrival of travelers to Pakistan on Easter and Good Friday has become very tough after the UK added the nation to the red list. Also, PIA has expanded the number of trips to the UK before April 9 on government orders.

Additional flights for passengers:

Five PIA extra flights will presently leave for the UK from April 4 to 9. The main objective behind the additional flights is to reduce the issues of travelers and control fares.

Those travelers from Pakistan to the UK should isolate in the hotel for 10 days from April 9. They need to pay around 1700 pounds for the isolation.

Inquest on UK’s policy:

Moreover, Government Minister for Planning Asad Omar addressed whether the British government’s decision depended on science or international strategy.

Everybody in Pakistan, including the UK questioning this policy. Naz Shah, a British MP, composed a letter to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb inquiring about why there aren’t nations with more cases, including South Africa, not on the red list. Why Pakistan and not France, which has multiple times more points.

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