Dua Aur Azan: Upcoming Drama Serial-Cast, Story &Details
Green Entertainment presents a New Drama Serial, Dua Aur Azan.

Have you seen the sneak peeks of the new drama series, “Dua Aur Azan,” by Green Entertainment? It’s got a stellar cast, including Mirza Zain Baig, Areej Mohyudin, and Arez Ahmed, and trust me, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions!


It’s a classic love story with a twist. At the core of the drama lies the love story of two individuals who find themselves deeply in love, but their bond and strength will face challenges as they navigate through a world that opposes them at every turn. Areej Mohyudin portrays the character of Dua, while Mirza Zain Baig takes on the role of Azan. It marks their first collaboration, and viewers eagerly anticipate this unique pairing.

Who’s starring in “Dua Aur Azan”?

The production team has unveiled the full lineup, packed with industry heavyweights. With such a stellar cast, it seems like this drama is destined for success. Here are the talented actors gracing the screen:

  • Mirza Zain Baig
  • Areej Mohyudin
  • Arez Ahmed
  • Nauman Masood
  • Nadia Hussain
  • Erum Akhtar
  • Paras Masroor
  • Minza Waqas
  • Kasim Khan
  • Ilma Jaffri

Who penned the script for “Dua Aur Azan”?

The talented writer behind this drama serial is Shayan Latif Sheikh. He’s quickly making a name in the industry, having previously contributed to major projects like “The Legend of Maula Jutt” and “To Strike.” With “Dua Aur Azan” being his debut drama serial, he’s eagerly anticipating its reception and has high hopes for its success.

Who helmed the production of “Dua Aur Azan”?

The director behind this drama serial is Ahmad Hassan. This marks his debut in a major project, although he’s previously contributed to some of the industry’s most prominent works. While he’s primarily been involved in web series until now, “Dua Aur Azan” presents his big opportunity to shine. It’ll be exciting to see how this drama unfolds under his direction.

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Who’s behind the production of “Dua Aur Azan”?

The drama serial is brought to life by BJ Productions, overseen by Riaz Ilyas. The production house crafted this drama with meticulous care, promising an exceptional viewing experience. BJ Productions has a track record of delivering quality content, including renowned titles such as:

  • Raaz
  • Mein Kahani Hun
  • Saraab
  • Bano Bike Wali
  • Chand Nagar
  • Dayan
  • Rani
  • Let’s Try Mohabbat
  • Dil Manay Na
  • Suhana
  • Yaar E Mann

When can you catch the drama serial?

Tune in to Green Entertainment on April 26th at 9 PM. Keep an eye out for updates from the production team regarding the official airing date, as well as the release of its OST.

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