DG ISPR Maj Gen Iftikhar, Do not drag Pakistan Army into politics
Do not drag the military into politics source: dawn.com

Pak Army has no indirect access with politics:

DG ISPR Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar, the chief general of Pakistan Army’s media wing dismissed all the rumors that the military and Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), were in contact with each other privately and said Pakistan Army has nothing to with political issues and should not involve Army into it.

DG ISPR said that if any individual from the Pakistan Democratic Movement has any proof that Pakistan Army is having any private access gatherings with them, at that point I challenge them to carry that proof to public. He added try not to involve Pakistan Army into political issues.

DG ISPR further talks about on different issue such as:

Pak Army trying their level best in finding Sadpara in such a bad weather

DG ISPR portrayed famous mountain climber Sadpara as our national hero. He added, Army is attempting each and every possible method to find him as he got disappeared while trying a winter summit of highest point of K2. Army force helicopters have been flying there at their greatest roof and because of the bad weather conditions, couldn’t go in an extreme level. The rescue mission has been sent for the third day as well. It is a difficult mission because of the very bad climate condition there.

United Nation report

United Nations report by a monitoring group answerable for tracking terrorist groups, for example, Al Qaeda and ISIS. The Foreign Office had named the report a justification of Pakistan’s position. He added we had already introduced proof quite a while past about who is supporting them, how they are teaming up, and how they are dangerous for the whole region.

Pakistan fight against coronavirus so firmly

DG ISPR said that Pakistan military is the first foreign military to get coronavirus vaccine help from People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA). Which will be given to the current public vaccination drive but firstly, Pakistan’s frontline workers will be given this vaccine. He further added that Pakistan firmly battle against the Covid so bravely and followed all the health precautions given by National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) in everyday life.

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