Arfa Kareem Foundation’s New Scholarship Program
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In collaboration with the Arfa Kareem Foundation, the Punjab University Department of Social Work and the Sughra Begum Centre for Education Policy and Development organized a seminar titled ‘Education, Social Innovation, and Social Development: Arfa Karim’s Dream’ at Al Raazi Hall—the seminar aimed to honor the legacy of Arfa Kareem and support educational endeavours through innovative approaches.

Unveiling the Arfa Kareem Fellowship Program:

The Arfa Kareem Fellowship program was unveiled during the seminar and designed to provide scholarships to 50 deserving students. This initiative is a testament to the commitment of the Arfa Karim Foundation to empower young individuals and fulfil Arfa Karim’s dream of fostering education.

Arfa Kareem

Focus on Social Innovation:

Speakers at the event highlighted the transformative potential of the IT sector in educating out-of-school children. They emphasized the importance of social innovation in addressing educational challenges and creating sustainable development opportunities.

Arfa Kareem

Distinguished Guests and Speakers:

The seminar witnessed the presence of esteemed personalities, including Dr Sonia Umar, Director of Sughra Begum Centre for Education Policy and Development; Dr Uzma Ashiq, Chairperson of the Department of Social Work; Samina Karim, Chairperson of Arfa Karim Foundation; Tabinda Islam, Chief Executive Officer; Dr Rubeena Zakar, Director of Social and Cultural Studies; Dr. Amjad Abbas Magsi, President of the Academic Staff Association; Dr. Kamran Abid, Director of GG IT; Dr. Mahboob Hussain, Chairman of the History Department, along with esteemed teachers and students.

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The seminar was a platform to discuss the importance of education, social innovation, and social development in realizing Arfa Karim’s vision. Through the Arfa Karim Fellowship program, the Arfa Karim Foundation aims to empower deserving students and contribute to advancing education in society. However, this initiative reflects a collective commitment to nurturing young talent and building a brighter future for future generations.

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