PM Imran khan- Pakistan shouldn’t strive to make a Soft image in the West
No striving for making a soft image in the West says, PM Imran Khan source:

At the Launching Ceremony of Documentary Drama:

On Thursday, PM Imran Khan while addressing the launching ceremony of a documentary drama titled “Paani Ke Pankh” in Islamabad, said that Pakistan shouldn’t be concerned about creating a “soft image” of the country to win the approval of the West. He said such activity is called as “Inferiority Complex.”

Pakistan should be seen as the Independent Nation:

According to PM Imran khan, people should strive to be seen as an independent nation, having self-confidence and doesn’t rely on anyone for aid.

He stated “I repeatedly hear that we need to present a soft image of Pakistan. What does a soft image mean? Why do we say this and if this soft image is established will the world consider us very good? We shouldn’t fall into this kind of misunderstanding; this is an inferiority complex. When a nation loses its confidence, it tries to please people.”

Enlightened Moderation:

PM Imran stated the example of the vision of “Enlightened Moderation” which our former military ruler retired Gen Pervez Musharraf introduced. The nation should not base its actions on what western countries approve or whatnot.

While stressing on the country’s self-reliance and thinking big, PM Imran Khan said “Only then does the world respect you.”

A mistake on entering US “War on Terror”

PM Imran Khan said that it was a mistake of entering the US “War on Terror”, he states “We entered someone else’s war which wasn’t ours, we should’ve never joined it.”

Premier added that first Pakistan took part in glorifying Jihad in the 1980s, giving rise to Mujahideen as heroes, later after 9/11 on US instruction labeled them terrorists.

“So the country inevitably had to pay a heavy price for it.” In this factor, the premier said, people “shouldn’t think we need to present a soft image of ourselves because they (the West) started calling us ‘terrorists’.”

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