Ali Zafar and Aima Baig Set to Make a Comeback for Official PSL 9 Anthem
The PSL 9 is set to kick off on February 17.

Exciting news for PSL fans: The official anthem is coming soon! The PSL 9 is gearing up to begin on February 17, and fans can hardly wait for the official anthem. The musical maestros Ali Zafar and Aima Baig are teaming up to create a lively anthem that celebrates cricket and music.

Surprise Collaboration

In a surprising turn of events, Ali Zafar is back in action for the anthem project after being initially dropped due to a legal dispute. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) extended an invitation for him to return, and fans are thrilled to have him back, especially since he had previously contributed to the anthems of the first three PSL seasons.

Ali Zafar: The Versatile Artist

Known for his soulful voice and talents as a songwriter and actor, Ali Zafar has delivered memorable PSL anthems like “Ab Khel Jamay Ga” and “Dil Se Jaan Laga De.” His return is expected to bring back the excitement associated with his previous contributions.


Aima Baig: The Rising Star

Aima Baig, a rising star in the Pakistani music scene, is set to collaborate with Ali Zafar. With her impressive vocal range and charisma, she has sung PSL anthems in the past, showcasing her versatility. Her collaboration with Ali Zafar promises to offer a perfect blend of experience and freshness, appealing to fans of various age groups and musical preferences.

Anticipation Building Up

Fans eagerly await the release of the PSL 9 anthem, curious to see what magic Ali Zafar and Aima Baig will bring. The duo has already started working on the anthem, sharing glimpses of their recording sessions on social media, heightening the excitement among their followers.

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Countdown to the Anthem Release

The PSL 9 anthem is expected to drop soon, and fans can anticipate a sensational performance by Ali Zafar and Aima Baig. Their musical collaboration is poised to set the PSL 9 stage ablaze, uniting cricket and music enthusiasts in a celebration of talent and camaraderie. Stay tuned for a musical treat that will undoubtedly add to the excitement of the upcoming PSL season!

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