Dragon Ball -Saudi Arabia Unveils World’s First Dragon Ball Theme Park
The park will offer 30 attractions themed around the fictional universe of Goku and his companions.

Saudi Arabia is preparing to unveil the world’s first Dragon Ball theme park as part of the Qiddiya entertainment and tourism project in Riyadh. The iconic manga fans eagerly anticipate their first glimpse into this exciting venture.

Exciting Visuals :

Qiddiya Investment Co., the company leading the project with support from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, recently revealed captivating 3D visuals of the theme park. This announcement sparked excitement across social media platforms.

Attractions Inspired by Goku and Friends:

The Dragon Ball theme park will feature 30 thrilling rides inspired by the iconic world of Goku and his friends. It promises to be a haven for beloved manga and anime series fans.

Dragon Ball

Tribute to Akira Toriyama:

This groundbreaking announcement comes shortly after the passing of Akira Toriyama, the visionary creator of the Dragon Ball universe. The theme park serves as a poignant tribute to his enduring legacy.

The popularity of Manga and Anime in Saudi Arabia:

Manga and anime have gained popularity in Saudi Arabia, with an estimated 13 million enthusiasts in the kingdom alone and approximately 85 million across the broader Arab world.

Dragon Ball

Expansive Park Details:

Spanning over 500,000 square meters, the Dragon Ball theme park will include seven distinct areas recreating iconic locales from the series. It will rival the scale of renowned entertainment destinations like Disney World.

Diverse Attractions and Immersive Experience:

The park will offer over 30 attractions, including five state-of-the-art rides. Additionally, themed hotels and restaurants will provide visitors an immersive experience beyond traditional theme park entertainment.

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Celebrating Dragon Ball’s Legacy:

Originally serialized in 1984, Dragon Ball has become one of the most influential manga series globally. With the forthcoming theme park, Saudi Arabia aims to celebrate Akira Toriyama’s visionary creation and captivate audiences with an unforgettable experience.

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