Govt. approves 25% increase in salaries of protesting employees
Govt approves 25% increase in salaries source:

The Federal Govt. approves 25 % increase in the salaries

The Govt. approves 25 percent increment in the salaries of federal government employees. Moreover, ad hoc relief will be given to Grade 1 to Grade 19 employees. Employees of the Federal Secretariat and related organizations will be included. The workers will get 25% ad hoc relief on their basic 2017 salaries, effective March 1, 2021.

Employees demanded an increase in their salaries

Federal Govt employees in Islamabad protested and have assembled around D chowk as well as China chowk in light of the fact that they are demanding an increase in their salaries and had assembled today after their head Rehman Bajwa and nine others were arrested overnight

The protesters have gotten complete support from government employees over grade 17, who have demanded an increment in their salaries also. The All Pakistan Clerks Association and government representatives of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh are also supporting the protest.

Police blocked the route of protesters

They declared they would march towards the Parliament House from Pakistan Secretariat for their demands and the releasing of their heads. Islamabad authorities have blocked the route towards the Parliament with containers and police had utilized to tear gas shelling after they took an action towards the Parliament.

The protestors also demanded that the salaries of representatives from grade 20-22 ought to likewise be expanded.

Interior Minister Sheik Rasheed Rashid said the government would stay in contact with the representatives and increments would be made in the salaries of government workers from grades 20 to 22 in the following budget plan. He explained although that the salary increment was for government workers and representatives of the federal secretariat.

PM Imran approved the demand of protestors

After the protest, a gathering was held between the Prime Minister Imran Khan and the representatives of the Committee framed by the protesting representatives in which PM approved the expansion in the salaries of government workers.

Moreover, the minister said that all protesters who had been arrested would be released and FIRs enlisted against them would be reclaimed.

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