Pakistan strongly criticized an anti-Islam post that an Indian extremist had posted on Facebook.

Pakistan on Wednesday strongly criticized an enemy of Islam post that an Indian extremist had posted on Facebook causing a shock in the nation, an announcement from the Foreign Office said.

Pakistan has passed on its solid judgment to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad on the detailed incident including a disrespectful post against the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by an extremist from the greater part Hindu people group in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The Foreign Office in the announcement stated, “The disrespectful post against Islam has hurt Muslims and reflects the increasing Islam phobia and targeting of the minority networks in India.”

The Indian police instead of stopping such wrongdoings against Muslims and Islam, utilized devil force and killed three protesters, and harmed some more. As an additional injustice, the Muslim people group in the area is being dishonestly arranged for so-called damage to people and private property and attack on police work force.

The FO said, Pakistan has called upon the Government of India to look into the occurrence and take move against the culprits of religious hatred.

It additionally called upon India to guarantee the wellbeing, security and prosperity of the minority networks, especially Muslims, and find a way to guarantee avoidance of hate speech and wrongdoings against Islam and assurance of religious rights of Muslims.

The international community, the United Nations and linked worldwide associations should do their role against the rising direction of Islam phobia in India and guarantee useful steps for the assurance and religious rights of minorities in India.

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