Donald Trump confirmed US support to Pakistan in its efforts to battle Covid-19.

President Donald Trump on Thursday confirmed US help to Pakistan in its attempts to battle Covid-19, including by giving ventilators just as in the financial field.

During the everyday White House instructions prior in the day, the president of United States, Donald Trump censured the media for not writing about the critical assembling of ventilators in the scheduled coronavirus instruction

Trump said that United States was making a huge number of ventilators and helping all nations needing the fundamental medical appliance.

Referencing Pakistan, the American president stated: “They might want to have a few ventilators. We’re going to provide them a few ventilators.”

In a telephonic yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Donald Trump talked about the coronavirus outbreak-related difficulties, their suggestions on the worldwide economy and the approaches to relieve the effect.

The US president admired the prime minister’s call and declaration of help for the US attempts to battle Covid-19. Having found out about testing of Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Trump offered to send the most recent quick testing machine for Covid-19 to the president. The president Imran Khan said thanks to President Trump for the signal.

The two heads likewise interchanged views on regional issues and further building up of Pakistan-US collaboration. Prime minister Imran Khan passed on feelings and sympathies on the loss of such a large number of valuable lives in the United States due to the coronavirus outbreak. He likewise featured Pakistan’s attempts to control the spread of the infection.

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