Saudi Arabia opened its doors to Pakistanis who want to earn employment
Saudi Arabia: 5 Mega Companies Offer 20,000 Jobs to Pakistanis

More doors of employment abroad began to open for Pakistanis. Five major companies in Saudi Arabia concluded thousands of new job contracts.

Diverse Fields of Employment:

According to the private TV “Samaa News”, 15 to 20 thousand Pakistanis will get jobs in Saudi Arabia under the agreement. They will get job opportunities in construction, health, finance, engineering, IT and overhead transmission. Saudi construction companies Nisma Partner and Al Rashid. An agreement has been reached with the group to send human resources, and agreements have also been reached with the Saudi companies Mahara Human Rahsos, Al-Bwani, and Al-Fanar Company.

Key Players in the Agreement:

Under the agreements, all recruitments will be done through the Overseas Employment Corporation. Special Assistant Jawad Sohrab Malik signed the agreements with the companies in Riyadh, opening the doors of employment in Saudi Arabia, which will also lead to an increase in domestic remittances.

A New Chapter in Economic Collaboration:

A promising chapter in economic collaboration has unfolded with the recent agreements between Saudi Arabia and prominent Pakistani companies. The significant employment opportunities spanning diverse sectors signal a positive shift for Pakistani workers seeking opportunities abroad. The involvement of key players such as Nisma Partner, Al Rashid, Mahara Human Rahsos, Al-Bwani, and Al-Fanar Company underscores the gravity of this venture.

Overseas Employment Corporation:

The decision to centralize recruitment through the Overseas Employment Corporation ensures a streamlined and transparent process, instilling confidence in the workforce and facilitating efficient workforce deployment.

Government Involvement and Economic Impact:

Special Assistant Jawad Sohrab Malik’s pivotal role in sealing these agreements reflects the government’s dedication to expanding opportunities for its citizens and fostering bilateral relations.

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Massive Job Opportunities Unveiled:

As doors to employment in Saudi Arabia swing open, the economic impact is poised to extend beyond individual workers. Anticipated increases in domestic remittances underscore the broader positive implications for Pakistan’s economy. This collaborative effort addresses the immediate need for employment and sets the stage for continued cooperation, laying the foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

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