Dubai Tycoon Dismisses Safety Concerns of Missing Titanic Submarine
Continuing Search for Missing Titanic Submarine as Time Runs Out

A Dubai-based business tycoon who has previously explored the Titanic Submarine has dismissed the safety concerns regarding the submersible, claiming that he did not face any problems on his expedition last year.

Safety aboard Titan Submersible:

Oisin Fanning, the managing director of the luxury travel company Blue Marble Private, said he was on board the Titan submersible when it visited the Titanic wreck in July 2022. He said he did not experience any problems with the vessel’s safety and believes the current concerns are unfounded. “I was on the Titan when we visited the Titanic last year, and I can say that I felt completely safe at all times,” Fanning said. “The submersible is very well-maintained, and the crew are highly experienced. I do not doubt they are doing everything possible to find the missing submersible and bring the crew home safely. “Fanning’s comments come after the Titan submersible went missing on June 11, 2023, while on a tour of the Titanic wreck. The submersible carried three people: the pilot, Hamish Harding, a British billionaire and record-breaking adventurer; his wife, Charlotte; and their friend, Shahzada Dawood, a Pakistani businessman.

Submersible Still Intact: Crew Believed Alive:

The search for the missing submersible is ongoing, and no sign of it exists. However, Fanning said he believes the submersible is still intact and the crew is alive. “I believe that the submersible is trapped somewhere on the seabed,” Fanning said. “The safety systems on the submersible are designed to prevent it from sinking, so I believe the crew are still alive and will be found soon.”

Families Welcome Tycoon’s Support:

The families of the missing crew members have welcomed Fanning’s comments. The families said they were “grateful” for Fanning’s support and “keeping the faith” that the crew would be safe. However, “We are grateful for Oisin’s support,” the families said. “He has given us hope that Hamish, Charlotte, and Shahzada are still alive. We are keeping the faith that they will be found soon.”

The US Coast Guard is leading the search for the missing submersible, and several other organizations, including the Titanic Foundation and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, are assisting it.

Search Continues for Missing Titanic Submarine:

The search will continue for several more days, and authorities have said they are “optimistic” that the missing submersible and crew will be found.

The current information:

 Efforts are underway by the US Coast Guard to determine the origin of the sounds perceived by the rescue teams. The search conducted thus far has been labelled as “inconclusive,” and subsequent endeavors to detect different noises have proved fruitless.

Who is present on the board?

There are a total of five individuals on board, namely Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate Expeditions; Hamish Harding, a British billionaire and proprietor of Action Aviation; Paul-Henry Nargeolet, an esteemed French diving expert; Shahzada Dawood, a notable Pakistani businessman; and his son, Suleman.

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