Pakistan has always been a country who has been stayed behind in a lot of Categories, may it be in the means of sports, movies, songs or people of this country being unaware of many ideas.

Since the last few eras, people were not able to show cast their abilities or their passion as they only had their family members to show what they can do or what god has gifted them, which never had built confidence in them.

But the time has taken a u-turn now. All these opportunities that were not given before are easy to achieve now. You can show the WHOLE WORLD what wonders you can do in a specific area, what talent you have. Not just presenting them, not only presenting them, but earning some great amount of money from them too. What can be more exciting than this? Learning stuff online and then earning money online. All that this needs is great dedication and time management.

And the result of all this is quite visible, there were very less Pakistani YouTube channels, or you can say there were none. But now, Pakistani YouTube channels are doing there great job in many ways and mainly in motivating the young generation in many different parts of their personal lives.

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