Coronavirus, Pakistan enforces smart lockdown in most extreme areas
Pakistan imposes smart lockdown: source:

The Smart lockdown imposed in the most extreme areas hit by a coronavirus in Pakistan, as the country recorded an acute increase in the positive cases. All shopping malls, markets, restaurants, and offices will continue closed in smart lockdown areas. Still, stores, grocery, hospitals, medical stores, bakeries, meat and milk shops will be permitted to remain open.

The Punjab Health Minister:

Yasmin Rashid The Punjab province Health Minister said smart lockdowns are enforcing in Sialkot, Gujrat, and Hafizabad, which will remain in enforcing till March 30th in Gujrat, 24th in Sialkot, and March 26th in Hafizabad.

“We have to save more people from the danger of being infected. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly because of not taking precautions,” Rashid said.

National Command and Control Center

Asad Umer, Minister for Planning, is also head of the National Command and Control Center, which deals with the pandemic. He warned that careful restrictions on movements could be enforced if the submission of standard operating procedures (SOPs) did not improve.

“Sharp spike in covid positivity. Hospital daily admissions & people in critical care are rising fast. If sop compliance does not improve, we will be forced to place stronger restrictions on activities. Please be very, very careful,” he tweeted.

He further told the people to stand careful as the new (UK) “strain spreads faster and is more deadly” than the Wuhan variant of the COVID-19 virus.

The Ministry of National Health Services:

According to the official data, Pakistan recorded the highest 3,495 new coronavirus cases in a single day later three months period as the national tally of infections reached 615,810.

According to the Ministry of National Health Services, the highest number of new coronavirus cases in a day since last year, December 6th, whereas 3,795 cases were listed.

Last week Pakistan officials said that the third wave of the pandemic hit the nation.

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