Fact Check: What’s happening with Google Play Store in Pakistan
Google Play services to continue in Pakistan.

There has been a lot of disturbing news about the Google Play Store and its availability in Pakistan. Earlier in the morning, it was believed that the Play Store service would be suspended in Pakistan from December 1, but it was finally confirmed. First, this problem exists not only in the Play Store but also in the Apple App Store. Users face obstacles when using mobile payments as the primary source of in-app and in-app purchases in the Apple App Store and the Play Store.

News spread by local media outlets:

News broke that the National Bank of Pakistan has stopped paying $34 million to international service providers, including the Google Play Store. This decision was taken along with the operators’ direct billing direction of the telecommunications company. However, the news that Google will stop all its services in Pakistan on December 1, 2022, due to the decision of the National Bank of Pakistan, has been heavily covered by the local media, But this news was not true. In fact, no service is stopped at all.

Google Play Store credits:

Consumers can still download and pay for apps but can no longer use Google Play Store credits. You must use a credit or debit card for this. Since Pakistan does not have a dedicated international digital payment method, a direct carrier billing system was introduced to bypass this method in international digital payments.

Aslam Hayat:

“By linking the carrier’s billing directly to the Google Play Store, freelancers can also pay for tools and apps to get their work done,” said Aslam Hayat, Senior Information and Communication Technology regulatory expert. Moreover, he also noted that “the move to freeze payments under DCB will not only affect the usage of telecom data on gaming and entertainment applications but will also adversely affect freelancers.” It now moves $60 million in payments annually, which is a  big hit.

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