There are 3 companies that mainly manufacture/ sell private cars in Pakistan. The ones mentioned above, i.e. Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda. They all make millions here, producing thousands of vehicles each year. There are other brands, but not as actively as are these three. These are the big fish of Pakistan’s automobile industry.

There are many popular products of these companies. But again, where they do produce drivable vehicles, their prices are way too high for way less features. Safety features are often compromised, and due to this monopoly (/triopoly), nobody can practically challenge them for their ridiculously high prices, and repair costs.

Thankfully, due to the stabilization of Pakistan’s economy and improvements in business and investment opportunities, other big companies are now heading to Pakistan. Any competition, is good competition. We now have Nissan, Renault, Changan, and more, officially coming to Pakistan. We already see Kia’s Picanto is already here, and this is just the beginning. There’s so much more to come. This is huge for car enthusiasts, as they now have options. The more options, the more competition. The more competition, the better each product by every company, and the lesser the prices. We’re about to break this Monopoly of three, and start a new era of automobiles in Pakistan, and that’s awesome.

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