Does Your Morning Coffee Cause Hair Loss in Men? Discover the Truth
Coffee and Hair Loss in Men: Myth or Reality? Uncover the Facts

Coffee and Hair Loss: Aging happens to everyone but is often unexpected. As we get older, taking care of our health and changing our eating habits becomes more important. One common aging issue for men is Male Pattern Baldness, which causes hair to thin and the hairline to recede, eventually leading to hair loss. If baldness runs in your family, you might start losing hair sooner rather than later. But if you drink coffee every day, there’s something you should know.

Coffee and Hair Loss:              

A recent study in the journal Nutrients suggests that coffee and sugary drinks like sodas might speed up hair loss in men. Researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing conducted the study. They included over 1,000 participants aged 18 to 45 from 31 provinces across mainland China. The participants filled out a questionnaire asking for basic information like age, hair condition, diet, lifestyle, and mental health. The researchers focused mainly on drinks with added sugar, such as sweetened juices, sodas, energy and sports drinks, sweetened milk, sweetened tea, and coffee.

The Study Groups:

The study participants were divided into four categories based on how much-sweetened beverages they drank each week:

  1. Never (0 mL)
  2. Small Amount (1-1,500 mL)
  3. Moderate Amount (1,500-3,500 mL)
  4. Large Amount (>3,500 mL)

The researchers found a significant link between drinking sweetened beverages and male pattern baldness. Moderate and large amounts of these drinks were more strongly associated with baldness while drinking a small amount did not show a significant effect. Therefore, consuming sugar-sweetened beverages was found to be linked to up to a 30% increase in the risk of male pattern baldness.

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In conclusion, the study indicates a significant connection between consuming sugar-sweetened beverages and an increased risk of male pattern baldness. Men who drink moderate to large amounts of these beverages may face a higher likelihood of experiencing hair loss. Therefore, limiting the intake of sugary drinks like coffee, sodas, and sweetened teas could be beneficial in reducing this risk.

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