Free Social media sites are stealing your data

We eventually forget that the personal information we post can be revealed


Have you ever wondered that how come some websites like facebook, Instagram, skype, whatsapp, snapchat and other websites that doesn’t ask money from us earn? Or what do they get from it?

“NO” right? Because most of us only don’t think much about these things.

But that’s fine, it’s never too late, My Karachi Alerts will give you some information and some safety measures that you should take.

Most of us have faced the problem of our accounts being hacked, that is the way of hackers to earn money.

Us users underestimate the power of hacking, most of us use website just to connect to our family, friends, chatting with them or sending them pictures or videos.

Most of us when starts a game and there we see the option of “connect to Facebook” that specific game app connects to our Facebook account’s privacy as soon as we click “yes” and as it is connected, the first step of hackers is being connected with our personal accounts.

We eventually forget that the personal information we post can be revealed even if we try to control our privacy settings, it won’t work.

While we connect our phones with a public WiFi or Hot spot the currently using social media hub can access it easily.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter recently suffered such hack attacks.

Facebook claimed that no user data was compromised in the attack, while Twitter revealed that some 250,000 usernames, passwords, and email addresses were stolen.

Hackers can also obtain your personal data through third-party applications.

Most social media sites have mobile apps that ask for permission to access your account information before you can install them on your phone.

This is one way hackers steal your details to commit fraud.

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