NEPRA- New Fixed Charges on Electricity Bills for Pakistani Consumers
Starting July 1: NEPRA Implements Fixed Monthly Charges on Electricity Bills.

Fixed Charges on Electricity Bills: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has introduced a new electricity tariff design, implementing monthly fixed charges for residential consumers. These changes are set to take effect on July 1, 2024. NEPRA has submitted its proposal to the government, including fixed charges ranging from Rs200 to Rs1,000 monthly. The government will give the final approval for these charges.

Fixed Charges Based on Consumption

According to the proposal, the fixed charges for domestic consumers will vary based on their monthly electricity usage:

  • Consumers using 301-400 units per month will pay Rs200.
  • Those using 401-500 units per month will pay Rs400.
  • Consumers using 501-600 units per month will pay Rs600.
  • Users consuming 601-700 units per month will pay Rs800.
  • Consumers using more than 700 units per month will pay Rs1,000.

Impact on ToU and Commercial Consumers

Residential consumers using the Time of Use (ToU) meter will also face a fixed charge of Rs1,000 per month. For commercial consumers, those with a load of less than 5kW will be charged Rs1,000 monthly. Commercial users with a load of 5kW and above will significantly increase, with fixed charges rising to Rs2,000 from the current Rs500, reflecting a 300 per cent hike.

Detailed Slabs for Fixed Charges

Here is the complete list of fixed charges based on consumption:

Units Consumed (GWh) Fixed Charge(s)
301-400 units/month Rs. 200/month
401-500 units/month Rs. 400/month
501-600 units/month Rs. 600/month
601-700 units/month Rs. 800/month
Above 700 units/month Rs. 1,000/month

Additional Tariff Increases

Following the Budget 2024-25 announcement, the federal government increased the power tariff by Rs5.72 per unit. NEPRA announced that the average electricity tariff will rise from Rs29.78 per unit to Rs35.50 per unit. This increase adds to the financial burden on citizens already grappling with inflation.

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Implementing NEPRA’s new electricity tariff design with monthly fixed charges starting July 1, 2024, represents a significant shift in how residential and commercial electricity consumers will be billed. These fixed charges, ranging from Rs200 to Rs1,000 for residential users and up to Rs2,000 for some commercial users, aim to restructure the financial dynamics of electricity consumption. However, combined with the recent hike in power tariffs, this change underscores the growing financial challenges for consumers amid rising inflation. As the government finalizes these proposals, the impact on household and business budgets will become a critical concern for many Pakistanis.

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