NICVD Introduces Free MRI Tests for Cardiac Patients in Karachi
Heart Patients in Karachi Benefit from Free MRI Services at NICVD

Free MRI Tests for Heart Patients at NICVD Karachi

Heart patients visiting the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) in Karachi can now avail themselves of free magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests. This significant initiative was reported by 24NewsHD TV channel on Saturday, marking a major step forward in accessible cardiac care.

Successful Implementation of Free MRI Testing

NICVD Administrative Executive Dr Tariq Sheikh announced that over 70 MRI tests have already been conducted at no cost to the patients. He emphasized the financial relief this provides, as these tests typically cost Rs63,000 in private hospitals. This initiative aims to support patients who require open-heart surgery, those who have experienced sudden cardiac arrest, or those with heart defects by offering crucial diagnostics free of charge.

Advanced Technology and Collaboration                     

Executive Director Professor Tahir Sagheer revealed that a specialized MRI machine, costing over Rs600 million, has been installed specifically for this purpose. This high-cost equipment was acquired through a collaborative effort with the Sindh government, underscoring the commitment to enhancing cardiac care facilities.

Provincial Support and Expanded Benefits

Dr. Tariq Sheikh highlighted the role of the provincial government in supporting this initiative, stating that treatment facilities at NICVD are being continuously improved. These enhancements are designed to benefit not only the residents of Sindh but also patients from across the country, ensuring broader access to advanced cardiac care.

Commitment to Comprehensive Cardiac Care

The launch of free MRI testing at NICVD represents a significant advancement in the institute’s mission to provide comprehensive and accessible cardiac care. By eliminating the cost barrier, NICVD ensures that more heart patients can receive timely and accurate diagnoses, leading to better treatment outcomes and overall health improvements. Through these efforts, NICVD continues solidifying its position as a leading cardiac care institution dedicated to improving the health and well-being of heart patients throughout Pakistan.

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