Ahmad Ali Butt and Iqra Aziz In Drama Serial Jhooti

The drama is written by Ali Moeen and directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi.

The story began by presenting a middle class family where there’s a stuck up girl named Nirma (Iqra Aziz), who is unmannerly and extremely unbelievable. She fantasizes studying and earning cash, however her family simply needs her to get married as soon as possible.

All through the scenes, she over and again says, “Mai paida ghareebon mei hogai thi, maroongi ghareeb nahi” or “Mai aik parchoonwalay k ghr paida hogai hu, aik parchoonwalay ki gharwali nahi banoongi.”

At that point there’s Nasir (Ahmd Ali Butt), he claims a superstore in the area and has his own home. He’s from a middle class family as well however apparently all around settled. He needs to wed Nirma and would most likely effectively get her yet he’s too trustful.

Nirma, then again, is extremely sharp and recognizes what she needs, however she’s sort of a gold-digger as well and doesn’t generally think about whatever else. As per her family, she has dismissed numerous ‘rishtas’ dependent on the way that they weren’t sufficient for her. She’s clever but at the same time she’s seriously affected by her friend Samina (Iman Zaidi), who continues offering her terrible guidance.

While Nirma’s plans remains a puzzle, her dad (Touqeer Nasir) satisfies to her ideas, to the point of advocating and advising her questionable activities. It’s practically similar to he is totally blind to Nimra’s controls, when the remainder of the family is doubtful.

Nirma has finally married Nasir upon her friend’s recommendation, with an end goal to make a quick money through her husband’s property and cash. Soon she starts planning about approaches to escape the marriage.

Yasir Hussain’s character hasn’t revealed into the story yet, however from what the trailer proposes, he might be Nirma’s undoing as an ultimate cheat.

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