PEMRA issued a new guideline on commenting on NAB in TV programs.
PEMRA advised TV programs to run appropriate content: source:

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) directed TV channels to avoid broadcasting highly unverified, critical, and unipolar comments about the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) without getting an authority perspective from the watchdog.

Furthermore, it has been seen that during news and current issues programs, pointless and uneven remarks are made without standing firm from the NAB. Supposedly the intention is to ruin state foundations.

Guidelines of PEMRA

The guideline expresses that programs ought to give data to people rather than comment on programs under trial and inquiry.

TV programs intent to insult the state institution

The PEMRA likewise blamed TV channels for having a purpose of insulting the state organization, the watchdog, and noticed that telecasting such comments was against the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s orders.

TV channels keep running the comments even with warnings

Additionally, PEMRA communicated anger at TV channels to run the words even with its advice, alerts, notifications, and training sessions with the media people/journalists.

Pakistani channels should not voice personal favoritism or judgment in any news report or television show and run the balanced and fairway programs.

Referring to law provisions, it added that issues investigation or trial should just be circulated without editorial, judgment, and suggestions.

The licensees are likewise required through these provisions of law to notice practical limitations while separating content from court proceedings, police records, and court procedures and decently airing them.

TV programs content must be purposeful

PEMRA has given guidelines to avoid one-sided and uneven remarks during programs, saying that all TV channels should guarantee that the content is inquest through an in-house editorial council. Also, it has additionally guided the TV channels to make the content purposeful and fair.

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