Trash at Karachi Sea View
Trash at Karachi Sea View

Karachi sea view is the main attraction for the tourists and the best free of cost place of enjoyment for the citizens. This is the Arabian sea which is connected to Pakistan through Karachi.

This sea is very beneficial for us Karachiites as it helps us many vigorous ways, like, fishing, transportation of cargo, shipping and many other enjoyment activities. But the sad part is, we karachiites are not taking care of this natural resource in the way we should.

A lot of waste is dumped in the sea just to get rid of it, but what happens due to this is what causes more problem to us and the other living things. When plastic is thrown in to the sea, they get stuck in the mouth of Fish and other sea animals, which causes them death. The washroom waste are thrown in to the sea which is making sea dirty.

Few days back, Shaniera Akram saw some used Syringes on the sea shore and some medical wastes, these used medical tools are very unhealthy for the environment and that is what makes us unhealthy.

The investment for cleaning the sea view was a much needed step from the Government of Pakistan.

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