Sazgar Electric Rickshaws Now Available For Booking
Sazgar eVe is a modern shape of our cultural rickshaws designed to meet the needs of Public Transport. source:

Sazgar is one of the renowned 3-wheeler manufacturing companies that has started the process of a fully electric eVe rickshaw, and this rickshaw is provided in the market with a range of 100 km per charge. Customers can learn about Sazgar electric rickshaws with a 100 km range booking start.

Sazgar EVE Electric Rikshaw Design:

Since we have ample and cheap electricity to power its three wheels, the Sazgar eVe electric rickshaw has the potential to revolutionize the way we travel. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at its design, specifications, features, and, most importantly, its price. However, the 2021 Sazgar eVe is a modern shape of our cultural rickshaws designed to meet the needs of urban travel.

Sazgar EVE: Specs| Features & Claims:

We got these numbers from the official website of Sazgar Company. From the specification of this e-rickshaw displayed on the company’s website, it is clear that three batteries will offer. The details include dual daytime running lights (DRL) and general lighting, as it has been designed to match the modern aesthetic. In addition, the eVe has an automatic rotary shifter that switches between reverse, neutral, and drive modes with every turn.


To meet the style of the digital world, the company has installed digitized milometers and a USB charging port through which both the user and travelers can charge their gadgets during the journey. It has a textured driver and passenger bench with a blue tone running through it, giving it a hi-fi look.

  • Dual Tone Exterior
  • Modern Handle Bar
  • Automatic Gear Knob (Neutral, Reverse, and Drive Modes)
  • Textured Bench Seats
  • Digitized Odometers
  • USB Charging
  • Ambient Lighting

Performance and Transmission:

The Sazgar eVe comes with a 2 kWh motor and a 90 Ah (6.5 kWh) battery capable of providing a range of 100 kilometers at a top speed of 90 km/h and with a charging time of just 4 hours.

Price in Pakistan:

Sazgar, the 3-wheeler company, hasn’t revealed eVe’s price yet.

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