Four Locations in Karachi Where Requiring Bridges Construction
Four Locations in Karachi Where Requiring Bridges Construction. source:

In a big city like Karachi, it’s important to have a well-thought-out plan for building things like roads and bridges to handle more people living there. We need certain structures that make traffic move more smoothly. Think of bridges as amazing creations by engineers – they help cars move easily in a place or make it simpler to get to a spot that is hard to reach. So, in Karachi, there are specific areas where building bridges would help improve traffic flow.

Having a bridge in some areas can make traffic go in different directions, and it might surprise us how helpful that can be. Also, building special roads above the current bridges (called flyovers) can make traffic even lighter. Let’s see which places in Karachi would be better with these constructions.

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Dalmia Road To Rashid Minhas Road:

Many cars use Dalmia Road, especially where it meets Rashid Minhas Road. If there were a bridge connecting Dalmia Road straight to Rashid Minhas Road, it would be really important. Making this bridge might cause some traffic issues for a while, but it would help a lot in the long run because this area usually has a lot of traffic daily.

Bridges From I.I Chundrigar Road To Places:

I.I Chundrigar Road gets traffic daily, so having bridges going to different parts of Karachi would be useful. This can make the traffic less crowded, especially in the evening, and help people get to where they need to go on time.

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Gulzar-E-Hijri To Maskan:

Getting to Gulzar-e-Hijri from Maskan or University Road can be tricky. Right now, a bridge connects Maskan and University Road, but we really need one connecting Maskan directly to Gulzar-e-Hijri. If we have that, it would make the traffic at Maskan much less crowded daily.

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Bridges Across M.A Jinnah Road:

M.A. Jinnah Road in Karachi is super busy, especially during busy times. It can be hard to drive across it, and sometimes cars moving can create a big traffic jam. So, it would be really helpful to have bridges going over the road, directly connecting Saddar with Numaish. This way, it would make things easier and less jammed up.

Karachi Bridges
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These places would not only gain advantages from having a bridge or flyover but would also experience an improvement in their overall infrastructure.

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