Karachi University Teachers Announce Going on Strike
Karachi University Teachers Society Initiates Strike.

The Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS) has launched a strike, effective today, in response to deep-seated concerns surrounding the administrative and financial challenges afflicting the institution. Led by KUTS Secretary Dr. Faizan-ul-Hassan Naqvi, this strike is set to persist indefinitely until the society’s grievances are adequately addressed.

Budgetary Neglect and Academic Impact:

One of the central issues KUTS raises is the non-approval of Karachi University’s budget for the past four years. This ongoing budgetary neglect has profoundly affected the quality of academic and research activities conducted within the institution. These financial uncertainties have hindered the university’s ability to function optimally.

Pending Dues and Salary Increments:

Furthermore, concerns have arisen regarding the delayed payments to teachers involved in evening programs, who allegedly have not received their arrears for a year and a half. Permanent faculty members have also reported not receiving the promised salary increments from the provincial government’s budget, announced four months ago. These unmet financial commitments have exacerbated the frustration among the university’s academic staff.

Low Payment Rates for Visiting Faculty:

An additional grievance centers around the hiring of visiting faculty members at a rate of Rs. 600 per lecture, which, after deductions, dwindles to a mere Rs. 480. Even this reduced payment is reportedly not being disbursed as expected, further fueling the discontent among educators.

Deteriorating Infrastructure and Administrative Mismanagement

Equally troubling is the state of Karachi University infrastructure, which appears to deteriorate due to alleged administrative mismanagement. The decline in infrastructure quality contributes to a troubling trend where students increasingly opt for private universities, citing persistent issues within the public sector.

Resolution and Calls for Investigation:

In response to these pressing issues, KUTS convened a general body meeting where a resolution was passed to boycott all academic activities at the university until further notice. Additionally, the society has extended its support to the ongoing teacher strike in the evening program, which began on 14 September. In a proactive attempt to seek resolution, KUTS has called upon the Sindh governor and the chief minister to take notice of these crises and establish a commission to investigate the underlying causes, aiming to address the concerns that have led to this extensive strike action.

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