‘Education is the key to success’, we all must have heard this phrase from a lot of stories, our siblings, our parents, news channels, newspapers, but have we ever thought what will happen to a Nation whose key is broken?

But, is it the key which is not fit or the lock that needs to be fixed? This is the question which we as adults must think about and should take a step forward to open the locks for the bright future for our up-coming generation.

Pakistan’s education system is till the same as it was when our parents were our age.

It is added in Pakistan’s constitution that education should be provided to every child from aged 5-16 disregards of the cast or religion. Low literacy rate and poor quality of education are the major drawbacks of this condition in our educational sector.

There is a huge space for improvement in this matter which needs to be fulfilled in order to give our kids a better future. Such as low enrollment and high drop out rate at the primary level, different standards of education, low budget allocation for education sector, political interference, low quality of curricula and textbooks, rapid growth in population, poverty and unemployment, poor quality of teachers and irrelevant induction of duties, and our substandard evaluation system. Although the government claims for some bold steps to overcome these problems, there is still room for improvement.

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