Karachi University Staff Goes on Pen-Down Strike From Today
Karachi University Staff Initiates Strike.

Background of the Strike:

The non-teaching staff at Karachi University have commenced a pen-down strike as of today. This action comes after teachers’ week-long boycott of evening classes, indicating a deepening crisis within the institution.

Reasons for the Strike:

The decision to strike indefinitely arises from unresolved grievances, including non-payment of leave encashment, reimbursement of medical bills, and pending remuneration for evening classes spanning over a year.

Announcement and Expectations :

The Employees’ Welfare Association of KU (EWAKU) and other representative groups declared the strike after a general body meeting. Senior KU teachers anticipate severe disruptions in academic and administrative operations, reflecting growing dissatisfaction with the administration’s handling of employee concerns.

Potential Escalation:

The strike may pressure the Karachi University Teachers’ Society (Kuts) to consider a complete boycott of academic activities. Kuts President, Prof Shah Aliul Qadr, disclosed that the matter would be discussed in an upcoming general body meeting following the KU senate and syndicate seats elections.

Demands and Negotiations:

During the meeting chaired by Irfan Khan, head of the association, non-teaching employees presented a set of demands, including payment of leave encashment, release of pending arrears, and approval of promotions for over 600 staff members pending for four years.

Challenges and Criticisms:

Association representative Mohammad Shahid expressed frustration over the lack of progress in negotiations with the university administration. Shakeel Gabol, representing another employee group, criticized the administration for worsening what he termed the worst-ever financial crisis” faced by the institution, calling for unity among attendees.

Continuing Discontent:

Meanwhile, staff members of the Centre of Excellence in Marine Biology (CEMB) persist in their strike over unpaid salaries and pensions spanning three months, highlighting the broader financial challenges confronting Karachi University.

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The strike by non-teaching staff at Karachi University shows that many people there are unhappy and have problems that need fixing. Talks between staff and the university haven’t gone well, leading to more class disruptions and other important work. There’s a worry things might get worse if the issues aren’t sorted out soon. The strikes at the Centre of Excellence in Marine Biology (CEMB) also show that the university faces big financial problems. Everyone needs to talk and find solutions so the university can run smoothly and overcome these challenges.

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