Why Japan is not like other countries


Japan is a unique country, different from rest of the world. Everything, if it’s a simple crossing the road or a highly intellectual work Japan has its own way.

Calorie scanner

 Well today well talk about a weird but amazing machine invented in Japan. The “Calorie Scanner”. By the name you’ll get a slight idea about this machine.

source Google.com

 Its infrared scanner calculates nutrients within an accuracy range of 20%, according to manufacturer.

The current calorie scanner takes more time than this one. It takes 10 seconds while in normal calorie scanner takes 2 to 3 minutes.

Imagine taking out this device before every meal you take and then analyze the amount of nutrients and its composition.

The question arises will it make any difference? Will you change your diet?

This machine is indication that modern technology is on its peak. This machine can

  • Helps to find out if you’re allergic to the food you’re about to eat
  • Help to maintain your weight
  • Will show you the exact nutrient that you are consuming

Japan has proved that a country can grow after falling down and no nation can beat it when it comes to technology.      

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