Renewing Your CNIC Made Easy: Say Goodbye to NADRA Centre Lines
Renewing Your CNIC-Check Out the New Facility.

Renew Your CNIC with Ease in Karachi:

Are you tired of long lines at NADRA service centers? Good news! NADRA in Karachi has made renewing your national identity card (NIC) easier. Let’s explore this hassle-free process.

NADRA’s New Service in Post Offices:

NADRA has introduced NIC renewal services at ten General Post Offices (GPOs) in Karachi, including popular areas like Saddar and II Chandragar Road. Moreover, These post offices have special counters with modern devices connected to NADRA’s system, making the renewal process quick and efficient.

Eligibility for Post Office Renewals:

If your NIC has expired, but it’s been less than a year since it expired, you can renew it at a post office. However, only Grade 16 officers can help with NIC renewals at these counters. Unfortunately, post offices don’t provide biometric services for families, and services like Pakistan Origin Card (PRC) or Form B are unavailable here.

The “Biker Service” by NADRA:

NADRA has also introduced a unique “Biker Service” in Karachi. Female registration officers on scooters will come to your home to help you get your CNIC. However, There’s a small fee for this service, but it’s worth it to avoid going to a NADRA center. Once you finish the registration process, your CNIC will be sent to your address.

Streamlining NADRA’s Processes:

NADRA’s goal is to make getting or renewing an NIC easier for everyone. These initiatives aim to reduce long lines at service centers and streamline their processes.

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NADRA’s efforts to offer CNIC renewal services at post offices in Karachi and the “Biker Service” are making life easier for citizens. Say goodbye to waiting in long lines at NADRA service centers. Embrace these innovations and renew your CNIC hassle-free. However, In today’s digital age, NADRA’s commitment to simplifying processes and using technology is commendable. If you’re a Karachi resident, consider these convenient options for NIC renewal and leave long lines behind. Embrace the future of NIC renewal with NADRA!

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