SOURCE: BRANDSYNARIO Tea you must have in this chilly weather
SOURCE: BRANDSYNARIO Tea you must have in this chilly weather

A hot cup of tea fulfills your desires, however it likewise warms your hands and encourages you get past the chilly season, feeling simply marvelous.


As cool breezes blow in the city, Karachities run towards chai spots to get the famous ‘pathan ki chai’ which we as a whole are head-over-heels for. This kind of chai is milkier in taste and surface contrasted with a typical cup of hot tea.


Begun from Kashmir, the truly pink chai with ‘Pista’ squashed fixings with a serious sensitive heavenly taste than others is incredible during winters.


The elaichi enhanced tea has a solid, novel taste with sweet-smelling aroma which removes your tiredness and sluggishness filling your heart with joy endurable. It’s sound, tasty and very mitigating in winters.


Tea addicts with a special spot in their heart for chocolates will adore this one! It’s a blend of both the things they pine for, hot cocoa with tea is the thing that their spirit has been starving for quite a while now.

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