SEPA discovered soya beans unloading was polluting the air.

SEPA discovered soya beans unloading was polluting the air.
KPT should stop the transfer of soybeans immediately: Source:

In the wake of discovering high concentration of poisons during an inquiry, the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) has coordinated the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) to quickly stop all operational exercises identified with soybean at the port till additional commands.

During a visit to the port, a significant level specialized group of SEPA led by Director General Naeem Ahmed Mughal discovered soya beans unloading was poisoning the air with a lot of particulate matter (PM) and soybean dust and furthermore SEPA group likewise found that sufficient health precautions were not being taken by the KPT staff to control the poison air and PM discharges while moving the cargo.

The Environment Adviser Barrister Murtaza Wahab stated, the foreign ship had shown up at the port conveying 67,000 tons of soybeans, which has been stopped from moving it to the port on which KPT staff notified the SEPA group that out of 67000 tons, 15000 tons had just been unloaded from the ship.

Individuals living around Kemari side were badly impacted by this polluted air. He expressed that KPT authorities have been coordinated to stop its unloading from the ship immediately and warns that failure to act in accordance with a given command will lead to strict action under law ‘Sindh Environmental Protection Act 2014.

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