Source: brandsynario
Source: brandsynario

We Pakistanis are food lovers since the day we are born.

All we care about whether we go to anyone’s wedding or any place of enjoyment is “food”, nothing other than this.

It doesn’t matter how it is made as we don’t care about our hygiene, and we so we don’t bother to investigate how that specific eatery is. And if we don’t care about our health, then why anyone else will? Like the chiefs of a particular restaurant.

Many well-known restaurants in Pakistan have been investigated thoroughly and has been sealed with heavy fine for not providing hygienic food items to the customers.

Last year, two children died from food poison after having dinner from a very famous restaurant in Karachi as the meat was three year old expired, and their mother got very ill.

Imported Meat in Karachi have never been checked by testing labs because the Animal Quarantine Department (AQD) are not getting their fund by the Government of Pakistan. “The annual budget for the laboratory is only Rs2 million and the official value of a single test is set at Rs75, so it is not possible to conduct the tests, ” said Animal Quarantine Department Director Muhammad Illyas.

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