Yasra Rizvi bang those people who criticize her work in drama ‘Dunk’.

Yasra Rizvi bang those people who criticize her work in drama ‘Dunk’.
Yasra agrees that everyone has right to share views: Source: oyeyeah.com

Earlier, Fahad Mustafa and Sana Javed were target of criticism since individuals have been getting down on Fahad Mustafa for producing a drama ‘Dunk’ that may be rotates around men who have been wrongly charged by women. The drama serial may stop numerous women who have been sexually harassed from raising their voice and now the individuals are targeting Yasra Rizvi.

Yasra Rizvi is one of the talented actress of Pakistani industry and has confronted so much criticism for her role with racist directions and being an alcoholic in her series ‘Churails’. Presently, Yasra Rizvi has arrived in another discussion for her new drama serial ‘Dunk’.

At last, Yasra Rizvi took to Instagram to slam each one of those individuals who have been criticizing her for working in Dunk. She stated, many considered Jugnu to be an alcoholic addict who was spreading behayai for the sake of women empowerment and many think Saira from Dunk will cause genuine negative outcomes for harassment victims since she is a character in the drama about false charges against her husband.

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