Google To Open 50 AI-equipped Smart Schools In Pakistan
Schools use technology and innovation to enhance the quality of education.

Google’s Educational Expansion in Pakistan: US tech giant Google is set to launch 50 AI-equipped smart schools in Islamabad, Pakistan’s federal capital, as part of its expansive educational initiatives.

Collaboration and Planning:

In partnership with Tech Valley, the Google for Education team has met with the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training Secretary to strategize upcoming projects for Pakistan’s education sector.

Smart School Initiative:

The 50 smart schools will receive 30,000 Google for Education IDs equipped with AI-powered features, facilitating enhanced collaboration and productivity among students and teachers.

Training and Certification:

Various initiatives include teacher workshops on Google for Education tools, establishing a public Google Reference School, and training 2,000 youths with job-ready skills through Google Career Certificates.

AI-equipped Smart Schools

Women Empowerment:

On International Women’s Day, Google reiterated its commitment to empowering women, aiming to bridge gender gaps in the workforce. Initiatives like the Google Career Certificates program allocate scholarships to women, enhancing their economic opportunities and career prospects. It began in Pakistan in 2022 and is one such initiative.

Google News Initiative (GNI):

In collaboration with local partners, GNI trains young journalists, fosters women’s participation in journalism, and promotes newsroom accessibility, contributing to a more inclusive media landscape.

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Google’s ambitious educational expansion in Pakistan, marked by the launch of 50 AI-equipped smart schools in Islamabad and various other initiatives, underscores its commitment to fostering innovation and empowerment in the country’s education sector. By leveraging technology and partnerships, Google aims to enhance learning outcomes, empower educators, and bridge societal gaps, particularly gender equality. These efforts contribute to the advancement of education and promote economic opportunities and inclusivity, paving the way for a brighter and more equitable future for Pakistan’s youth.

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