PM Imran To Launch “First Smart Forest” to monitor plant growth.
It is a project of the Ravi Urban Development Authority image source:

Project of the Ravi Urban Development Authority.

The PM addressed a ceremony to launch Pakistan’s First Smart forest, which Huwaei near Sheikhupura sponsored under the Ravi Urban Project. The PM said his govt plans to plant 10 million trees in Rakh Jhok Forest, adding that it also planned to plant 10 billion trees nationwide. Rakh Jhok Forest is a Ravi Urban Development Authority project covering an area of ​​24,000 Kanal.

Sensors and Security cameras installed in the forest.

Speaking about the Smart Forest, PM said the growth of each plant would be monitored in collaboration with the tech giant and added that sensors would be installed to alleviate deforestation. Furthermore, Botanical gardens, bird sanctuaries, river parks, orchards, and walking tracks also be built. The premier expressed confidence that it would repeat this project in other parts of the country.

The project would stop the flow of sewage into the Ravi River. 

The PM said the project would stop sewage flow into the Ravi River as untreated waste affects Lahore and its environs. Sindh, like Ravi with its polluted water, eventually becoming part of the Indus River.

Govt will Build three River barrages.

Imran emphasized that the expansion of the forest cover would reduce temperatures and address the three significant challenges facing the country: water shortages, untreated sewage entering the soil and rivers, and pollution. The government will also build three river barrages and refineries to ensure clean water for the community.

The Ravi City Project.

He said the project would include water treatment plants to ensure that sewage was treated and drained. The Ravi city project will generate $ 40 billion for the country and create one million jobs. “We want a better Pakistan for our future generations. We must decide to make our country green.”

Lahore was a City of Garden- PM Imran

He shared that Lahore was very green when he was growing up. It was formerly called the City of Garden, and the atmosphere was clear. “Now, we have to fear as pollution levels have exceeded all levels of danger.” Lahore sewage is dumped into the Ravi River, and the groundwater is polluted. Now we have to fear as pollution levels have exceeded all levels of danger.

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