Public Holiday: Sindh Govt Announces Public Holiday on May 1st
Labour Day Holiday 2024 in Sindh.

A public holiday throughout the province on the occasion of Labour Day:

The government of Sindh has officially declared May 1st as a public holiday in the province to commemorate Labour Day.

Notification from Chief Secretary Sindh:

A notification issued by the Chief Secretary of Sindh has confirmed the public holiday status for Labour Day. This announcement encompasses all government offices, autonomous bodies, semi-autonomous bodies, corporations, and local councils under the administrative control of the Sindh government. However, essential services will remain operational.

Awaited Federal Government Announcement:

While Sindh has declared, the federal government has yet to announce this year’s holiday schedule. People across the country are eagerly awaiting the official announcement so that they can plan their activities accordingly.

Cabinet Division Circular:

For those unfamiliar with the schedule, the Cabinet Division circular for this year has already included May 1st as a public holiday. This inclusion signifies the nationwide recognition of Labour Day.

Holidays in Other Regions:

While Sindh has taken the lead in declaring Labour Day as a public holiday, other regions, such as Punjab, are expected to follow suit shortly. Formal announcements regarding holidays in schools and offices are anticipated in the coming days.

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Expected Bank Holiday:

In addition to government institutions, Pakistan’s central bank is also anticipated to declare May 1st as a bank holiday. This alignment with International Labor Day underscores the significance of recognizing and honoring workers’ contributions globally.


Labor Day, celebrated on May 1st worldwide, serves as a reminder of the importance of workers’ rights and the need for fair treatment and working conditions. The actions taken by the government of Sindh and the anticipated announcements from other regions and institutions signify a collective effort to acknowledge and celebrate the labor force.

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