Federal government Bans Sheesha Smoking Across Pakistan
Govt banned Sheesha Smoking throughout the country. source: nation.com.pk

The government of Pakistan has already stopped and prohibited the sale of Sheesha in public places, restaurants, and hotels. Individuals and brands are not allowed to import Sheesha materials or tools. The federal government on Tuesday banned Sheesha smoking across Pakistan. However, It is also prohibited to open new Sheesha bars across Pakistan. According to the published news, a Ministry of Health source confirmed the news and said that the new ban would be strictly enforced. Soon after implementing the reforms, an official order on Sheesha smoking will be issued.

banned the import of tobacco:

In 2016, the government of Pakistan banned the import of tobacco for Hooka smoking. With the latest order to ban hookah smoking in Pakistan, anti-narcotics forces have been mobilized to crack down on all hookah bars and lock them down if they are not shut down immediately. The Islamabad High Court has ordered the local administration to close all hookah bars immediately. The order to shut down all hookah bars in the federal capital is underway, and a report has been requested to be shared with the Islamabad High Court.

Health risks of Sheesha smoking:

Sheesha smoking, also known as hookah or water pipe, has many health risks like smoking. These include an increased risk of lung cancer, respiratory disease, and heart disease. However, Sheesha smoke contains high levels of toxic compounds, including carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and carcinogenic chemicals. Sharing mouthpieces can also lead to the spread of infectious diseases such as herpes and tuberculosis. In general, hookah smoking is dangerous and can lead to serious health problems. They include

  • Lung cancer:
  • Respiratory illness:
  • Heart disease:
  • Oral cancer:
  • Nicotine addiction:
  • Exposure to Secondhand smoke:
  • Spread of infectious diseases:

That’s why the government of Pakistan has banned Sheesha smoking cessation, which is very popular among people.

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