CM Murad Ali Shah photo session over Plastic ban campaign
CM Murad Ali Shah photo session over Plastic ban campaign

Plastic, a material frowned upon in today’s world. The main issue, is that while single usage plastic products are relaxingly convenient for all, they (like other forms of plastic) decompose at a drastically slow rate.

Better late than never, the Government of Pakistan and provincial governments acknowledged this problem as well. In August 2019, the Government of Sindh, had announced an all out ban on single use plastic bags, and traders had been ordered to end their stocks, by October 1st. For a brief period, this seemed to have had a huge impact. Traders were continuously seen informing customers of the unavailability of bags, and hence the customers had to take their groceries home without one.

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But unfortunately, the effects of the ban seemed to have worn off. All shopkeepers, suddenly had more than a handful of polythene bags. And today, more than a month after the exertion of the “ban on single use plastic bags”, we stand right where we were before the announcement. Perhaps the government should actively campaign, for providing alternatives to the general public, as well as shopkeepers, to effectively implement the ban. Otherwise, we appear to be heading nowhere, and this feels like just another “political statement”.

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