Imran Khan Urges Youth to Contribute in Tree Planting Program
Prime Minister asks youth to play their part in driving Tree planting campaign source:

Islamabad – Imran Khan Ask young generation to drive tree planting Agenda:

Imran Khan asks all the people of Pakistan, especially youth to play their part in driving the world’s biggest tree planting program into Action. Moreover, he takes his Twitter account to convey his message to the young generation.

Furthermore, he says that there is so much work to do. Additionally, in his Twitter post, he also shares a picture that reflects how far we are in the plantation of trees. Also, he demonstrated,

 “There are about 442 trees for every single person all over the world. But, in the case of Pakistan, we have only 5 trees per person. This is a major difference and it needs to be a lesson as soon as possible”.

Pakistan celebrates World’s Environment Day this Year:

The Prime minister emphasizes that we are going to drive this monsoon for the tree plantation. This will be the world’s biggest campaign. In this regard, Prime Minister Imran Khan organizes World’s Environment Day to depict his Billion Tree Tsunami Agenda.

Previously, UNEP organized a ceremony in which the Prime Minister, along with the PM of the UK, Boris Johnson, addressed on behalf of Pakistan. He said, during the governance of KPK, we decided to start a campaign of a billion tree tsunami in Pakistan.

Furthermore, he says that 640 million trees were grown in Pakistan previously. But during the era of the PTI government, we planted about 1 Billion saplings in just five years.

Additionally, nature gives us another chance to use these 10 years wisely in enhancing the ecosystem of the country. If we can’t improve the country’s condition, it will have negative outcomes in the near future.


In this regard, the Prime minister says that we are already eyeing the impact of global warming in the form of melting glaciers. As a matter of fact, the water coming from these glaciers will be the best source of water for the Growing saplings. We should not waste this golden opportunity.

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