PM Imran: “Ashamed and Pained” at Minar-e-Pakistan assault incident.
PM Imran addresses the Punjab Education Convention in Lahore image source:

On Wednesday, PM Imran khan said he was saddened to see the Minar-e-Pakistan incident in which hundreds of men attacked a woman on Independence Day and called it a disgrace for the country.

PM addressing the Punjab Education Convention 2021 in Lahore.

Commenting at the outrage after a video of the attack on the 14th of August, at Minar-e-Pakistan went viral, the PM expressed his view: “while I was growing up, no person could have a notion that acts like this will occur. I’ve been to the whole world; I had seen that Pakistanis had more respect for women than in the West. A great purpose for the destruction that we’re seeing is that our children are not being brought up well.”

Need to train children properly:

The prime minister emphasized the need to train children properly and teach them the Seerat-un-Nabi – biographies of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) – saying that children’s access to objects was more significant than ever before in human history to mobile phones.

Let them know about the life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

“It is important to train our children, and there is only one way to do that, is to make them aware of the life of the Prophet [Muhammad],” that children should be taught the qualities that distinguish the Prophet, including his faithfulness and righteousness.

Criticism of the English-medium system

Earlier in his speech, Prime Minister Imran praised the Punjab government for “doing what no other province does.” He described the work of the provincial government in the field of education as “very important” and said that previous governments could not prioritize education. He also strongly criticized the English education system, saying it had been discovered by the British, who built such schools to “build a class in India with an Indian color but who think like us the British, has our own situation and through him can govern such a large continent.”

Talking about his own experience

Speaking of his experiences, he recalled going to England to study further; he felt like “I was made a public schoolboy in England, not in Pakistan. I was far from my culture and religion. Through that education system.” After independence from British, the prime minister said that Pakistan should reform the education system and develop a plan to “create the nation.”

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