NED Institute of Engineering Introduces Modern Engineering Degrees
NED introduces three new engineering programs. source:

The NED Institute of Engineering has added three new engineering programs, including cyber security, artificial intelligence, and data science, to its admission policy for the new academic session of 2023.

The admission started on July 30:

According to the details, NED Institute of Engineering programs are regular, and the administration started the admission on July 30 and allotted 150 seats. Moreover, the administration has also changed the deadline for submission of admission forms for 32 departments in NED University to July 29 and the 6-day entrance exam begins on 30 July.

Second phase on August 21:

It has decided that students who do not succeed in the first step will participate in the entrance exam again in the second step, starting on August 21. Moreover, regarding the development, Vice Chancellor Dr. Tufail Ahmed said that the university has already received more than 12,000 applications after the deadline for submission of forms was extended by three days. Furthermore, he said The first stage entrance exam will continue until August 4, results will be published on the last day of the exam, and 3000 candidates will be tested online in a different university lab.

Entry test stands at 50%:

It is worth mentioning that 2,849 seats are allotted for 32 departments at NED University. The weightage of the entrance exam is 50%, and the remaining 50% is adjusted to the grade of the first-year marks. However in response to a question, Dr. Tufail said that 50 seats will allocated to the new artificial intelligence, cyber security, and data science programs, and 631 seats would be self-financed out of 2849 seats.

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