PM Imran Khan has allowed to recommence international flight operations.
PM Imran approves resumption of International Flight: SOURCE: GEO.TV

The issue was talked about in a federal cabinet meeting where Bukhari informed the members on the challenges and difficulties faced by abroad Pakistanis.

Prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday allowed the resume of international trips after Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis Zulfi Bukhari raised the issue with him

The PM, while authorizing the reopening of global flights, commanded that the appropriate authorities to come up with a strategy to send home Pakistanis stranded abroad.

The head, while worrying on the significance of abroad Pakistanis, said that they were near his heart and that they couldn’t be disregarded at this situation.

He stated, a large number of abroad Pakistanis have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak, including that “we believe the suffering that they are experiencing”.

The head guaranteed the cabinet that the Pakistani government would do anything feasible to support the stranded Pakistanis.They included, those present jobless and workers will be conducted the principal stage, they included.

Bukahri said that about 200,000 Pakistanis have gotten jobless.

Bukhari stated, it is the need of great importance that we remain with them and support them in and out, including that a NCOC meeting ought to be called to look into the issue.

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