How To Find Your iPhone Wi-Fi Password: Step-by-Step Guide
How to find your Wi-Fi Password on your iPhone.

Find Your iPhone Wi-Fi Password: In today’s world, being online is important for everything we do. We often use our phones to go online for work, fun, or talking with others. But to use Wi-Fi, we need a password. Forgetting it can be annoying, especially if we want to connect a new device. If you have an iPhone, there’s good news! The newest iOS 16 update makes it easy to find your Wi-Fi password without any trouble.

Step 1: Look in Your iCloud Keychain:

To start finding your iPhone Wi-Fi password, look in your iCloud Keychain. This special place is where your iPhone keeps important stuff safe, like your Wi-Fi passwords and credit card details. If you’ve saved your Wi-Fi password there before, you can get it back easily.

Source: Macrumors

To find your Wi-Fi password using iCloud Keychain, do these steps:

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID.
  2. Choose “Keychain” and switch on “iCloud Keychain.”
  3. Type in your Apple ID password to turn on the iCloud Keychain.
  4. Now, go to “Passwords” and look for the name of the Wi-Fi network for which you need the password.
  5. Tap on the network name, and the password will show up.

Step 2: Try the iOS 16 Trick

If you didn’t save your Wi-Fi password in the iCloud Keychain, don’t worry. You can still get it using a clever trick in iOS 16. This trick uses a special code created by your iPhone to connect to Wi-Fi. Here’s what to do:

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone and pick “Wi-Fi.”
  • Tap on the name of the Wi-Fi network you need the password for.
  • Your iPhone will show a QR code on the screen. If you don’t see it, tap on the little “i” next to the network name.
  • Grab another device, like an iPad or iPhone, and open the camera app.
  • Point the camera at the QR code on your iPhone screen and scan it.
  • You’ll get a message on the other device with the Wi-Fi password. Just tap “Join” to connect to the network.

Step 3: Try Another App

If you still can’t find your Wi-Fi password with the earlier ways, you can try using another app. You can get many apps from the App Store that help with passwords. Some good ones are LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane. They might help you find your Wi-Fi password. To use a password manager app to find your Wi-Fi password, first download and install the app on your iPhone. Then, make an account in the app. Once your account is set up, you can use the app to get your Wi-Fi password.

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Forgetting your Wi-Fi password can be annoying. But with the new iOS 16 update, it’s easier to find it again. Whether you saved your password in iCloud Keychain, you can still get it back using the iOS 16 trick or a third-party password manager app. So, if you forget your Wi-Fi password next time, don’t stress. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll be back online soon!

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