Pakistan superstars happy and motivated nations to vaccinate.
latest Pakistani celebrities to get coronavirus vaccine source:

Pakistan publicized the vaccination drive for people aged 65 years or above, and several older Pakistani superstars have already gotten the jab. Dr. Azra Pechuho, Sindh Health Minister, said in a press conference at the Arts Council this week that artists and writers are essential, and a vaccination center has been arranging at the Arts Council for them.

Pakistan Forum is full of images and videos of superstars being given the vaccine. Even though our stars were tiring face masks while getting the shots, it’s hard not to observe how happy and satisfies they appear all over the whole procedure. We are proud of them for guiding the way!

Javed Sheikh, and Anwar Maqsood:

The Pakistani actor Behroze Sabzwari, Javed Sheikh, Anwar Maqsood views after their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Anwar Maqsood says ignore anybody who tells you not to get a vaccine. Javed Sheikh, the latest superstar, to get a covid-19 vaccine .After the jab, He said ‘I feel very good after getting the vaccine. He also urged other citizens aged above 60 to get vaccinated against the virus and also prompts other people aged above 60 to get vaccinated against the deadly virus.

Talat Hussain and Samina Peerzada:

Pakistan superstars Talat Hussain and Samina Peerzada became the latest superstars to get the covid-19 vaccination. Samina, 65 years return to Twitter and posted her loveable picture while getting the jab and She further shared her experience with her fans.

She tweeted, “Thank you & Shabash Pakistan.” Meantime, Talat also got his vaccination at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi recently.

Talat Hussain appreciated Sindh Government’s efforts and honored the first step taken by ACP President and his team.

Other actors including Armeena Khan, Bushra Ansari, and Reema Khan have also gotten vaccinations.

Why everyone is getting vaccinated:

Covid-19 can cause deadly complications, and receiving the vaccine helps ensure that you and your beloved boost immunity against the illness’s dangers. Above 60 years old vaccination drive for people began in Pakistan on March 10. People are being motivated against Covid-19.

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