Punjab Government Announces Major Relief in Fee of Driving License
Mohsin Naqvi has deferred the execution of the elevated driving license fee.

Mohsin Naqvi, the interim Chief Minister of Punjab, has delayed the enforcement of the raised driving license fee. Initially scheduled for implementation today, the proposed fee hike has been extended until January 9, providing individuals with the opportunity to obtain a license at the existing fee.

Punjab Offers Temporary Relief from Steep License Fee Hike:

It is worth noting that the interim administration in Punjab had earlier opted for a substantial rise in the driving license fees for both cars and motorcycles. The fee for acquiring a driver’s license had surged by 1566%, soaring from Rs. 60 to Rs. 1000. However, CM Naqvi has now introduced a temporary reprieve for the citizens.

CM Naqvi Lauds Upgraded Police Facilities in Virtual Inauguration:

Additionally, the interim Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, conducted a virtual inauguration of 36 enhanced police stations. The inauguration of the newly constructed Gulshan Iqbal police station in Lahore was also part of the event. During his inspection of the new facility, Mohsin Naqvi conveyed contentment with the improved facilities, such as carpeted counters, comfortable furniture, and a uniform staff.

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The recent virtual inauguration led by interim Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi marked a significant milestone in enhancing police infrastructure. With the unveiling of 36 upgraded police stations, including the new Gulshan Iqbal station in Lahore, the improved facilities were satisfied during CM Naqvi’s inspection. This initiative reflects a commitment to modernizing and providing better amenities for law enforcement, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the police force.

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