Tera Wada: The first teaser of the anticipated drama serial
A New Drama Serial, Tera Wada, is coming on ARY Digital.

Introduction: The much-anticipated drama serial, ‘Tera Wada,’ featuring Fatima Effendi, Rabya Kulsoom, and Sajjad Pal, has released its first teaser, offering a glimpse into the emotional rollercoaster that awaits viewers.

ARY Digital’s Exciting Lineup:

Renowned Pakistani entertainment channel ARY Digital is gearing up to captivate its audience with a compelling array of projects for the season, and ‘Tera Wada’ takes a prominent spot in this exciting lineup.

Unveiling the Teaser:

On Wednesday, the eagerly awaited teaser for ‘Tera Wada’ was unveiled, sparking enthusiasm among fans eager to get a sneak peek into this promising project.

Tera Wada

A Riveting Journey:

The initial glimpse of ‘Tera Wada’ showcases the first collaboration between actors Fatima Effendi, Sajjad Pal, and Rabya Kulsoom. The teaser hints at a captivating journey, portraying the transformation of a devoted daughter into a wife.


The drama explores the intriguing transition of a responsible daughter as she navigates the challenges of becoming a life partner, promising viewers a compelling narrative.

Social Media Buzz:

Within hours of its release, the teaser garnered millions of views across various social media platforms. Excited fans flooded the comments sections to express their anticipation for the fresh pairing and the intriguing storyline.

Behind the Scenes:

Directed by Zeeshan Ali Zaidi, ‘Tera Wada’ is a Big Bang Entertainment production with Mamoona Aziz as the scriptwriter. The director and writer previously collaborated on the successful play ‘Meray Hi Rehna’ earlier this year.

Coming Soon on ARY Digital:

While additional details about the cast and crew are yet to be unveiled, ‘Tera Wada’ is set to premiere soon, exclusively on ARY Digital, promising viewers an engaging and emotionally charged experience.


As the curtain lifts on the teaser of ‘Tera Wada,’ the excitement among viewers is palpable. With a stellar cast, a promising storyline, and the reputable ARY Digital backing the project, anticipation is building for what seems to be a riveting journey from daughter to wife. The social media buzz reflects the widespread enthusiasm, and fans eagerly await the release of this much-anticipated drama. With Director Zeeshan Ali Zaidi and scriptwriter Mamoona Aziz at the helm, Tera Wada promises to be a noteworthy addition to ARY Digital’s impressive lineup. Stay tuned for more updates as the countdown begins for the premiere of ‘Tera Wada,’ a tale of transformation, love, and life’s intricate transitions, exclusively on ARY Digital.

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